When we look out at our lawns, we love the look of the verdant green carpet that stretches from one end of your property to the other. A brilliant green lawn is a classic part of the American dream of owning your own home. But many homeowners do not realize that there are different kinds of grass. One type of grass that does particularly well in Southern California is Marathon grass. In today’s blog, the landscape design experts at Lawn By Twins will explore this unique kind of lawn grass.

What Makes Marathon Unique

Not all grass is created equal. Marathon is actually a carefully crafted form of grass, developed by the Southland Sod company. It is a blend of two tall fescues, Hubbard 87 and Baja. This blend was chosen specifically for the Southern California climate. The region is home to lush coastal areas as well as barren deserts. Southland Sod realized they need a hardy, durable grass that could survive in all of these conditions. In terms of feel and appearance, Marathon grass grows densely, with a fine texture to it. It has a bright green color and is very resistant to disease. These characteristics have made Marathon an extremely popular kind of grass amongst Orange County homeowners. The popularity of the grass has lead Southland Sod to develop three distinct varieties of Marathon grass.

Original Marathon

The original Marathon is praised for its all-purpose use, and for its year-round green color. This variety of grass is perfect for Orange County families with young ones who spend lots of time playing outside. It is a strong kind of grass, that recovers quickly from the regular wear and tear that comes with daily use. It can also thrive in yards that are shady, ensuring that you don’t have patches of dirt under your trees. This variety has a coarse texture to it, however, making it less ideal for those who like to walk through their yards barefoot. Original Marathon can be kept at a fairly tall height, and lawn mowers are typically set between 2.5 and 3.5 inches.

Marathon II

This is perhaps the most popular grass sod choice for Orange County and Southern California homeowners. It’s praised for its beauty and ease of care, making it the perfect choice for those who only really use their yard for the occasional get together on the weekends. Like the original, it can recover from injury fairly quickly. It has a slightly coarse texture, so you can enjoy it in sandals and bare feet. Marathon II maintains a medium green color all year long. It has shorter, denser, and narrower blades, which lends Marathon II an almost carpet-like look. It does best in areas that only have partial shade, as it needs more sunlight than original Marathon grass. For these reasons, it’s a popular choice for not only homes, but athletic fields, golf courses, and parks.

Marathon III

Of all of the Marathon varieties, Marathon III is the most refined and visually pleasing of all the grasses. This grass grows very slowly and can be kept very short, with mowers often being set as low as 1.5 inches. Marathon III does not need to be mowed frequently to keep it looking healthy and strong. It is the finest in appearance and in texture of all of the grasses. It has a deep green color to it, which it retains all year long. The delicate nature of this grass means that it does not recover quickly from injury, and can only sustain minor activity. This makes Marathon III grass suitable for accent pieces in a yard, or for lawns that are only used on special occasions. Consider Marathon III a landscape design choice. Marathon III needs lots of sunlight to thrive and does not do well in shade.

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