While we’re still in the height of summer, it’s important to keep your lawn’s year-round health in mind. There are dozens of easy ways to keep your lawn healthy and looking green throughout the year, and it starts by keeping your lawn clear of any leaves that may fall on it. Some think that leaves cannot impact the health of your lawn, after all, it’s all natural right? Wrong. Letting leaves sit on your lawn for a long period of time can leave your grass looking tired and withered. In today’s blog, Lawn By Twins in Orange County will discuss the importance of removing leaves from your lawn.

Leaves Can Impact Your Lawn

For many, the biggest concern for keeping leaves off their lawn is to maintain the appearance of their landscaping. While this is undoubtedly an important element, clearing leaves from your lawn is about more than just looks. A healthy lawn is one that is free of unshredded leaves.

Your lawn needs to “breathe” by bringing CO2 from the atmosphere into its roots and recycling it as oxygen. If there is a layer of leaves over your grass, it cannot breathe and becomes prone to diseases like molds and even pests. This causes your lawn to decay and leaves your grass looking patchy and brown. Ultimately, all of these factors keep your grass from renewing in the spring.

Removing The Leaves

While many will lean on their trusted rake to remove the leaves from their lawn, there are now many options for clearing up your grass. Using a leaf blower once a week can remove large quantities of leaves very quickly. For others, you can take care of two projects at once by mowing your lawn. Shredding the leaves with your mower, and leaving them on the lawn provides a great source of mulch for your lawn that can promote healthy grass growth.

What To Do With All Of Those Leaves

No one enjoys bagging leaves. It’s a time-intensive process that leaves your back sore and wears on your patience. Fortunately, you can find creative ways to put those leaves to use rather than just bagging them up. You can put the leaves in your compost pile to create valuable compost that can be added to your flower beds later. If you shredded and bagged the leaves with your mower, you can use the leaves as a layer of mulch for decorative features in your landscaping. It’s important to shred the leaves so that the large leaves do not block the sunlight from reaching your soils and lead to fungus growth.

At Lawn By Twins, we offer a complete suite of lawn services in Orange County. Our Executive level lawn care package includes leaf blowing and removal to ensure that your lawn looks and feels its best. With free estimates, and years worth of landscaping experience, our lawn care specialists can help your lawn look more beautiful than you can imagine. Contact us today to arrange for your regular lawn care services, and ask about our new customer specials.

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